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Neon music sign
Neon music sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Music theory
Skill Development
Tablature / Reading
Scale formations



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Saving for the Future - An Article By Nadir Naeem for FAMILY TODAY FORUM

English: Chart of United States Personal Savin...
English: Chart of United States Personal Savings Rate from 1960-2010. Data source: FRED, Federal Reserve Economic Data, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis: Personal Saving Rate [PSAVERT] ; U.S. Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics; accessed August 14, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"WE ARE SAVING THROUGH PAYROLL SAVINGS" - NARA - 516067 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Saving for the Future

By Nadir Naeem
A detailed view on the importance of savings and investment, advice and direction into the best areas and necessary steps for its adoption and implementation.
The art of saving is a very important and vital need when acquired, rewarding and constructive when applied, helpful and wise when done. It seems to promise commitment, dedication and execution.
In fact,it is very simple and easy to have a proper Saving Structure, accumulating and generating funds for an individual’s future. Saving carefully can result in a Progressive Parallel System expanding on daily and yearly basis. The progress will convince the holder for its accuracy and effectiveness so it becomes a practice than just an effortful habit.
Here is how the various methods generate different long and short term Goals/Funds/Savings and are extremely safe and easy to guarantee a promised secure saving and future.
First, it is important to know that savings are very beneficial in times of need such as after retirement and old age, in crises and emergencies, joblessness and illness. It can also be a parallel reserve asset for attaining higher futuregoals, children’s education, marriages, purchasing property or a business.
There are two basic types of savings and investments when generating a normal routine income, depending on the volume and size. The present uncertain times insists an employed person to find multiple ways of income, overtime and odd jobs are definite ways to increase volume. Wise budgeting for monthly expenses save a handsome amount and savings done wisely secures the future.  Differentiate between “The Needs and Wants” and practice the“Do's” and the “Don’ts.”  Define and realize the true need and priority of your happy and secure life.
Short Term Savings include: pools, committees, bank saving accounts, saving certificates, foreign currency, gold, jewelry and bonds.
Long Term Savings include:retirement plans, insurance, investments, property and locomotives.
It is very necessary to know how the system outside our daily life affects our living and when once understood, is easyto manage with comfort.
Avoid unnecessary renovations, rents, taxes, debts, multiple and expensive household items, credit card debts,banking services/Internet banking, ATMs,mortgage broker expenses, holidays/vacations,junk offers, stock markets, money lending, loans, socializing costs and an expensive lifestyle.
Exercisecontinuous monitoring of tracking of expenses, budgeting/purchasing power, cost cuttings, ownership and resale value assessment of assets, memberships, smart shopping, discounts and deals. This could increase huge volume in savings.
The returns and rewards of savings are priceless. A wise “investor” divides his investment in equal shares and into different plans to secure his savings from any loss, damage, unseen or unevaluated/forecasted event.The present state and condition of financial markets leaves an investor reluctant. Savings, when invested in proper places, can increase the overall capacity and grip of an investor, hence the turnover multiplies after a few years automatically growing into a “Structured Investment System/Backup Reserve.”
Some of the different types of Investment and Savings:
The most easy and affordable are:
1. Retirement Plan:Most government and private companies provide benefit to their permanent employees with financial security facility and is available through minimal salary adjustment of 2-5% for example.The return is a saving fund and pension plan at the time of retirement.
2. Insurance: Minimum investment required yearly for a solid, profitable and guaranteed secure plan as per requirement of the client. A whole life self-insured person can take up to certain education/marriage plans for the children with minimum yearly amounts on each. Health insurance guarantees you free medical, hospitalization, treatment and surgery of life threatening diseases such as heart attack, tumor, cancer etc. at the cost of an additional 2.5% of the yearly payable amount known as “The Premium.” An investor, or a policy owner, can withdraw one, or all, of his savings,or the generated profit/interest after a few years or at breakeven.The returns are 2.5 to 3.5 times higher of the actual amount saved in 15 to 20 years. For example if one insurance plan of 12,000 USD/year is carried for the next 20 years equals to 240,000 USD but has actually converted into 550,000 to 600,000 USD at maturity. Insurance also provides accidental death or disability coverage.
3. Individual bank saving accounts: Would generate a profit up to 7% or more of the amount on yearly/half yearly or monthly basis. Junior accounts for children could build a healthy practice of saving money.
4. National Saving Certificates and Mutual Funds: Banks would provide fixed profit amount on maturity after a certain number of years. The profit could be as high as 10% or more annually.
5. Foreign Currency/Gold/Jewelry/Bonds: Bought and kept safe in a bank locker with valid insurance and documentation could bring much higher gains and profits.
6. Committees: A group of family or friends could combine a monthly standard amount for example of 100 USD each from 12 members and can generate 1200 USD for one individual every month. It can also be a way of having relaxed comfortable easy inexpensive get-togethers with a focused object of saving.
7. Pooling: This activity done individually, or with the family, can set small amounts of money. Every member should contribute daily even if it is single coin to “The Piggy Bank.”
Other areas of savings and investments are:
8. Business Investment: Businesses offers for co-ownerships or partnerships. This area needs thorough experience, investigation, research, policy, documentation, terms and conditions, market analysis and analyzing the actual value or expense. A sustained profitable and progressive business needs proper evaluation and judgment. Investing in a cottage industry for example done within the family or starting with minimum investment in a particular business and growing the amount after increased profit returns and generation can promise further development and assurance.
9. Property Investment: Investing and purchasing in property is better than living on rent. Land value increases slowly and steadily through a long period. Proper assessment, evaluation, cautions and professional advice is compulsory.
10. Locomotive Investment: Well maintained cars and motor vehicles kept for a certain numbers of years can save huge amounts instead of changing to new makes and models.
By creating a balance in earnings and spending,saving different amounts and volumes, investing in proper plans, areas and assets, setting realistic goals and terms, a common man of today could transform into a future potent and successful investor. Implemented and executed wisely, safely and patiently.
I wish the best for your plans and growth. Start saving!
Nadir Naeem is a media director, producer, designer and writer with over seven years of professional active experience. He has been writing for various e-magazines and blogs currently holding the position of Community Manager at BlogyMate. He is also a qualified Insurance Executive in a Multi-National Company.

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Media Lessons by Nadir Naeem

Every thing you want to know about Media!

Photography, Video/Advertisement Making, Direction, Production, Music Compositions and Editing. 

Follow me for step by step guide coming soon.

Forward me your questions on my email: nadir.naeem@yahoo.com


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'Inspiring Fashion Poses in front of the Camera' by Nadir Naeem

English: A portable folding reflector position...
English: A portable folding reflector positioned to "bounce" sunlight onto a model. Français : Réalisation d'une photo de manequin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Photographing a model
English: Photographing a model (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Français : shooting pour publicité
Français : shooting pour publicité (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fashion means style, style is an impression, impression makes a mark and the mark sets an image.
That image when delivered through a model inspires others to adopt it, so the model is a medium or source for a particular fashion, brand or product to be popularized, liked and loved.

Its all about confidence, glow and image. If you can deliver the right image then you probably and likely will be noticed.  Popularity is often promoted to fame.

But before i define.............. lets suppose....

.... if your favorite miss world participant doesn't win, she will still be your favorite who deserved the crown but that's your point of view, does beauty lie in the eye of the beholder?

....or suppose you know a person who you think is so beautiful that she deserves to be miss universe but she didn't go for it, why?

........or a particular model in your point of view doesn't have a face for a famous brand or movie but still is making fame, how?

....Now lets suppose you get a call from a friend and are asked to photo shoot for the most famous fashion brand of the world, will you be able to deliver the right required image? to appear in front of the camera and say hey i know i look good, i feel confident, i love the brand and am so happy they selected me, now is my chance and i am loving it.
Is it this simple??

Some basic facts to consider about the glamor world:

The 'Brand' is what one sells, the more better the brand the better the confidence.

The 'Technical team' i.e. the Photographer, Director of Photography, Stylist, Make up artist,Set Designer or the Location are the various elements working in their own expertise to
increase and support your moral boost and confidence.

But even if these elements are not present at the time of your initial photo shoots you have to keep in mind when you appear in front of the camera to make yourself believe that they are there.

If you like yourself, have a passion for fashion and modelling or just simply want to copy and imitate a certain style or pose in front of the camera, just feel confident and be sure that you can and will do it sooner than later.

Some tips:

1.Take a detailed look at your favorite fashion models, their clothes, make up, body language, poses, style, location or place.

2.Ask a friend to take your pictures, close ups of your face and full body, with and without smile and make up, the colors of your clothes and the back ground, the difference in standing near or far to a particular object, looking at and away from the camera, see and review them, notice the errors, appreciate the better ones, then re shoot. Copy a certain pose you find most easy and adoptable. Reduce the difference. Re shoot.

3.The time of the day to photo shoot i.e. soft light is mostly available in the mornings or at sunset, a cloudy outdoor shoot will definitely deliver some good results. Remember the light should always be on the object to be shot. In most cases the sun or light should not be behind your face as it will darken it, always face the light initially.
(Remember that there is a great difference in  ordinary and a digital camera and professional equipment including the lights. The result it delivers is highly professional so there will be a quality difference)

4.Don't be afraid to experiment, shoot, re shoot and review.

5. Ask a favor, does a colleague, a neighbor, an old school mate has links or friends such as amateurs or professional photographers, they would not mind taking a couple of yours and giving some tips of their own to suit you. Does any one you or your friends know, can digitally enhance and modify your picture on computer software, even you can learn some tricks on Adobe photo shop soft ware etc.

6.Once you get familiar with your positive poses, gestures and style get a good affordable professional photo shoot, search the net, the news paper ads, call, discuss the best deal you can have.
Ask the photographer to give you details of their work. It is also a fact that professional photographers take a lot of pictures in a limited time and then choose and short list the best. So
it happens even with them, not all their shots are best. People live with it and accept it
. Every one makes mistakes. Perfection is professionalism too.

7. Build your portfolio, have a proper record and track of the contacts, shoots and photographs. After a few professional photo shoots and assignments you will compile more, its a long progressive image building method and the field is very competitive so gradually gain and attain your goals, never give up, there is always room for talent and hard work.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nadir Naeem: My Research based article on the movie series 'THE...


Nadir Naeem: My Novel- Kingdom of the Cosmos-(Preface)

Nadir Naeem: My Novel- Kingdom of the Cosmos-(Preface): "My Novel- Kingdom of the Cosmos-(Preface)A presence of intelligence...through all obscure questions....riddles of knowledge. No clues, no ..."

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Novel- Kingdom of the Cosmos-(Preface)

My Novel- Kingdom of the Cosmos-(Preface)

A presence of intelligence...through all obscure questions....riddles of knowledge.
No clues, no puzzles, no triumph, no ecstasy.

A zenith of significance, a sum of all achieved.

After the end, before it began.
Center of the unknown to the un-fact. Un-worlds of un-minds leaving front, behind, here, there, far.

All matter, all space, all time un-exists.

Lost in a quest of knowledge, unworthy, so later, now too late.
A unity or a chaos. To remember or to forget?

Countless species, the remaining survivors of cosmos abstained behavioural and deliberate impulse, a necessity of what remained. All was found none to explore, saturation of existence.

The species compiled 'The Unknown',

'The Cosmos Kingdom'.

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I am That!

I am That!

I am not what you see who i am my friend but only a disguise of what i want you people to see as to make you all believe for to understand of what i could be,and i am only what i would have been but the mirror lies to me, the truth you would not be able to agree.The better me, that is all that will be.

Men of Liberty

English: Science icon from Nuvola icon theme f...
English: Science icon from Nuvola icon theme for KDE 3.x. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Image of footwear impression created ...
English: Image of footwear impression created by a pair of shoes. These impressions were created from a pair of shoes recovered from a suspect of a crime. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Men of Liberty - A short story

Chapter 1: 'Beautiful morning'.

A hand picked a pair of cheap pink sandals out of a closet.
A car door shuts and the car starts surfing on a road running through a beautiful landscape, crossing valleys, long curved roads along the mountains.The brand new stylish car is shining in the early morning suns.
Jim starts having a word with Smith, the men at the back of this chauffeur ridden car.
He is a very tall and broad man, clean shaved, his long hair tied in a ponytail, cruel and reserved, on the other hand, Smith is the opposite, fat, plump and sluggish on a very short frame of body.

Don't you see, it is not enough, the more you get, the more you get bored.

Rather absolute, more of a catastrophe happening Jim.

But Smith we are involved, whatever we state through court, i am still a lyophilic in lien. I was wondering, if i could just remain to another dimensions capitulate, start hallucinating or get paralyzed.
Don't you see, we are not in control, we are not even aware of it. Possibilities is an end, ever end. Just be usual, don't act empty and we will be over with it. I am in control, it is taking it all, so untrue, so very untrue.

I wonder how it is in the remaining expectations, i tend a terrible urge for our mother land, remember Lomino, our pet, our very last pet. Escape without permission is history, remember Fraulein. We are changing our heavenly systems and its not even painful anymore, its worrying me.

Chapter 2: 'Not still'

The car stops, the door opens and pink sandals appear out of it, another pair of pink joins the first, on the long way to the biggest business plazas' main entrance. A black pair of sandals greets them half way to this long empty path.

Good morning sires.


Pink sandals enter the main hall way. They are walking at a medium pace now. A purple pair reaches near quickly.

I am Lucy , i have an appointment with you, i am from the Sivoere galaxy.


Pink sandals carry their walk, a gaudy pair. A red pair comes near efficiently.

Sir, the new delivery is ready, the previous one had a profit of 1.539 and we are sure this one is raised to 1.573, what are your suggestions?

Send it.

Pink pairs walk again and are greeted by a yellow pair on top of a stair case.

Yellows: (In an old male voice)
Well well! Jim and Smith. What a usual surprise. I was surely expecting you, a little pale you look but that doesn't worry me.You are the pairs, the best of the pairsos remaining, ha ha ha, the fact of us working here for more than 9000 deca fracs simply makes me happy, deca after frac.

We are glad here, working, as well.

Enjoy your work as usual and be happy.

The pinks carry on with their walk and stop before a chairman's' door.

Chapter 3: 'Chairy men'

Jim and Smith enter their office. Jim takes off his coat and lies down on a big sofa, closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. Smith starts smoking his pipe.

Ah, i am tired of this game, enforcing foolish law, on some left. Here, only here can i take these sandals, these pretty ones out of my feet. My feet are swollen and i can barely walk, damn us!

Jim takes off his right sandal and starts rubbing his foot. He touches the diamond ring on his index foot finger as it starts glowing mysteriously.

Smith! I see an escape sign, don't speak, its my lucky diamond again, rely on it.

Jim straightens his leg while lying on the sofa and starts gazing at its brightening light, in his raised right foot. He can see from his deep green eyes, the formation of a very vivid illusion. Somebody is gazing through. Another man smiled mystically from the other side as the imagination crossed all borders.

Chapter 4: 'Off course'

Its a catwalk, for a sandal collection and Jim is one of them. Johnny 'the smiling', leads the catwalk.
It is happy before another revelation.

The back stage refreshment room is crowded, laughter, giggles and shouts. Jim gulps down his water as a news on television discussing the hygiene of swimming sandals grabs his attention.

Chapter 5: 'Frame of time'

In the world of planets, it was more of a culture and tradition. 'The pink sandal' was the only 'monument of origin' for these living creatures. Visible from the alien window, was the shoe, placed at the center of the 'pink city', forgotten by some one in a different frame of time.

The End.
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Atom and Space

Beam of electrons moving in a circle in a magn...
Beam of electrons moving in a circle in a magnetic field (cyclotron motion). Lighting is caused by excitation of atoms of gas in a bulb. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: The heliospheric current sheet result...
English: The heliospheric current sheet results from the influence of the Sun's rotating magnetic field on the plasma in the interplanetary medium (solar wind). The wavy spiral shape has been likened to a ballerina's skirt. Русский: Гелиосферный токовый слой является результатом воздействия вращающегося магнитного поля Солнца на плазму (солнечный ветер), находящуюся в межпланетной среде. Волнистую спиральную форму можно уподобить юбке балерины. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Diagram of a helium atom, showing the electron...
Diagram of a helium atom, showing the electron probability density as shades of gray. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Aurora during a geomagnetic storm that was mos...
Aurora during a geomagnetic storm that was most likely caused by a coronal mass ejection from the Sun on 24 May 2010. Taken from the ISS. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Atom and Space

The atoms and the solar systems are very similar in shape, formation and structure.The presence of elector-magnetic fields, energy, radiation, momentum, heat, friction, gravity, having opposite poles presenting and containing a spherical 3D structure with height, length and width.Occupying space and a capacity to exist.

These spherical structures balance themselves individually, endless and tranquil with time and space as constant.

If a solar system has space, mass and vacuum, where planets revolve around its sun, and perhaps any other star in the galaxy holding more orbital flows or orbits similar to an atomic structure,
the protons, electrons and neutrons revolve around its nucleus with a constant magnetic field and speed, the gravity is the force of the current it sustains.

These bi-polar or anti-magnetic poles and all the other characteristic are the same in atoms and the solar systems of the universe.

Spherical heavenly forms of energy containing mass in the most sustainable forms of nature in terms of having endless existence.Equivalent and proportionate to the origin of nature and time.It is impossible to destroy an atom. It will exist in any form no matter as many changes acted upon.An atom is as old as any universe compiling matter, matter is atoms, as any star or galaxy the vast cosmic space holds since the dawn of time.

The inertia these systems carry are not effected by time, age, anti gravity or anti-time.

The nature of our planet Earth is being destroyed by pollution but nature itself, in terms of originality and sustainability, is not destructive, pollution is also a carbon atom, hence the actual existence of these forces are forever and endless.

The reason because our universe is expanding is because of the big-bang theory or Newtons law of motion proving that a body in motion will not stop until it is forced upon.

This should not be confused by the theory of anti-gravity and time, because these are dimensions and not forces, so anti-time(if existing) acts on the dimension and not its flow or structure.

Actually the only factor pertaining and contain these heavenly structures, with an endless life flow could be this element of anti-time,anti-energy and anti-gravity.

The elements of external forces outside solar systems balancing the galaxies. The infinite existing in an endless inertia.Parallel systems of cosmic energy.

The speed of these structures are directly proportionate to the constant vacuum it holds, inside and outside, and to the distance or the diameter it has in a 3D form. Every universe will have the same characteristics of the matter/atoms it holds.

Are the atoms some universes themselves?
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