Monday, September 13, 2010

My Novel- Kingdom of the Cosmos-(Preface)

My Novel- Kingdom of the Cosmos-(Preface)

A presence of intelligence...through all obscure questions....riddles of knowledge.
No clues, no puzzles, no triumph, no ecstasy.

A zenith of significance, a sum of all achieved.

After the end, before it began.
Center of the unknown to the un-fact. Un-worlds of un-minds leaving front, behind, here, there, far.

All matter, all space, all time un-exists.

Lost in a quest of knowledge, unworthy, so later, now too late.
A unity or a chaos. To remember or to forget?

Countless species, the remaining survivors of cosmos abstained behavioural and deliberate impulse, a necessity of what remained. All was found none to explore, saturation of existence.

The species compiled 'The Unknown',

'The Cosmos Kingdom'.

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