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'Inspiring Fashion Poses in front of the Camera' by Nadir Naeem

English: A portable folding reflector position...
English: A portable folding reflector positioned to "bounce" sunlight onto a model. Français : Réalisation d'une photo de manequin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Photographing a model
English: Photographing a model (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Français : shooting pour publicité
Français : shooting pour publicité (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fashion means style, style is an impression, impression makes a mark and the mark sets an image.
That image when delivered through a model inspires others to adopt it, so the model is a medium or source for a particular fashion, brand or product to be popularized, liked and loved.

Its all about confidence, glow and image. If you can deliver the right image then you probably and likely will be noticed.  Popularity is often promoted to fame.

But before i define.............. lets suppose....

.... if your favorite miss world participant doesn't win, she will still be your favorite who deserved the crown but that's your point of view, does beauty lie in the eye of the beholder?

....or suppose you know a person who you think is so beautiful that she deserves to be miss universe but she didn't go for it, why?

........or a particular model in your point of view doesn't have a face for a famous brand or movie but still is making fame, how?

....Now lets suppose you get a call from a friend and are asked to photo shoot for the most famous fashion brand of the world, will you be able to deliver the right required image? to appear in front of the camera and say hey i know i look good, i feel confident, i love the brand and am so happy they selected me, now is my chance and i am loving it.
Is it this simple??

Some basic facts to consider about the glamor world:

The 'Brand' is what one sells, the more better the brand the better the confidence.

The 'Technical team' i.e. the Photographer, Director of Photography, Stylist, Make up artist,Set Designer or the Location are the various elements working in their own expertise to
increase and support your moral boost and confidence.

But even if these elements are not present at the time of your initial photo shoots you have to keep in mind when you appear in front of the camera to make yourself believe that they are there.

If you like yourself, have a passion for fashion and modelling or just simply want to copy and imitate a certain style or pose in front of the camera, just feel confident and be sure that you can and will do it sooner than later.

Some tips:

1.Take a detailed look at your favorite fashion models, their clothes, make up, body language, poses, style, location or place.

2.Ask a friend to take your pictures, close ups of your face and full body, with and without smile and make up, the colors of your clothes and the back ground, the difference in standing near or far to a particular object, looking at and away from the camera, see and review them, notice the errors, appreciate the better ones, then re shoot. Copy a certain pose you find most easy and adoptable. Reduce the difference. Re shoot.

3.The time of the day to photo shoot i.e. soft light is mostly available in the mornings or at sunset, a cloudy outdoor shoot will definitely deliver some good results. Remember the light should always be on the object to be shot. In most cases the sun or light should not be behind your face as it will darken it, always face the light initially.
(Remember that there is a great difference in  ordinary and a digital camera and professional equipment including the lights. The result it delivers is highly professional so there will be a quality difference)

4.Don't be afraid to experiment, shoot, re shoot and review.

5. Ask a favor, does a colleague, a neighbor, an old school mate has links or friends such as amateurs or professional photographers, they would not mind taking a couple of yours and giving some tips of their own to suit you. Does any one you or your friends know, can digitally enhance and modify your picture on computer software, even you can learn some tricks on Adobe photo shop soft ware etc.

6.Once you get familiar with your positive poses, gestures and style get a good affordable professional photo shoot, search the net, the news paper ads, call, discuss the best deal you can have.
Ask the photographer to give you details of their work. It is also a fact that professional photographers take a lot of pictures in a limited time and then choose and short list the best. So
it happens even with them, not all their shots are best. People live with it and accept it
. Every one makes mistakes. Perfection is professionalism too.

7. Build your portfolio, have a proper record and track of the contacts, shoots and photographs. After a few professional photo shoots and assignments you will compile more, its a long progressive image building method and the field is very competitive so gradually gain and attain your goals, never give up, there is always room for talent and hard work.

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