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Atom and Space

Beam of electrons moving in a circle in a magn...
Beam of electrons moving in a circle in a magnetic field (cyclotron motion). Lighting is caused by excitation of atoms of gas in a bulb. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: The heliospheric current sheet result...
English: The heliospheric current sheet results from the influence of the Sun's rotating magnetic field on the plasma in the interplanetary medium (solar wind). The wavy spiral shape has been likened to a ballerina's skirt. Русский: Гелиосферный токовый слой является результатом воздействия вращающегося магнитного поля Солнца на плазму (солнечный ветер), находящуюся в межпланетной среде. Волнистую спиральную форму можно уподобить юбке балерины. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Diagram of a helium atom, showing the electron...
Diagram of a helium atom, showing the electron probability density as shades of gray. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Aurora during a geomagnetic storm that was mos...
Aurora during a geomagnetic storm that was most likely caused by a coronal mass ejection from the Sun on 24 May 2010. Taken from the ISS. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Atom and Space

The atoms and the solar systems are very similar in shape, formation and structure.The presence of elector-magnetic fields, energy, radiation, momentum, heat, friction, gravity, having opposite poles presenting and containing a spherical 3D structure with height, length and width.Occupying space and a capacity to exist.

These spherical structures balance themselves individually, endless and tranquil with time and space as constant.

If a solar system has space, mass and vacuum, where planets revolve around its sun, and perhaps any other star in the galaxy holding more orbital flows or orbits similar to an atomic structure,
the protons, electrons and neutrons revolve around its nucleus with a constant magnetic field and speed, the gravity is the force of the current it sustains.

These bi-polar or anti-magnetic poles and all the other characteristic are the same in atoms and the solar systems of the universe.

Spherical heavenly forms of energy containing mass in the most sustainable forms of nature in terms of having endless existence.Equivalent and proportionate to the origin of nature and time.It is impossible to destroy an atom. It will exist in any form no matter as many changes acted upon.An atom is as old as any universe compiling matter, matter is atoms, as any star or galaxy the vast cosmic space holds since the dawn of time.

The inertia these systems carry are not effected by time, age, anti gravity or anti-time.

The nature of our planet Earth is being destroyed by pollution but nature itself, in terms of originality and sustainability, is not destructive, pollution is also a carbon atom, hence the actual existence of these forces are forever and endless.

The reason because our universe is expanding is because of the big-bang theory or Newtons law of motion proving that a body in motion will not stop until it is forced upon.

This should not be confused by the theory of anti-gravity and time, because these are dimensions and not forces, so anti-time(if existing) acts on the dimension and not its flow or structure.

Actually the only factor pertaining and contain these heavenly structures, with an endless life flow could be this element of anti-time,anti-energy and anti-gravity.

The elements of external forces outside solar systems balancing the galaxies. The infinite existing in an endless inertia.Parallel systems of cosmic energy.

The speed of these structures are directly proportionate to the constant vacuum it holds, inside and outside, and to the distance or the diameter it has in a 3D form. Every universe will have the same characteristics of the matter/atoms it holds.

Are the atoms some universes themselves?
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