Friday, August 27, 2010

Counting and Waiting - April 2010.

Counting and Waiting - April 2010.

-With the Iran, Pakistan and China oil deal in progress and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia investing in our agricultural lands for KSA's food needs, the future of Pakistan seems quite bright and promising including the water issues with India.

-Hence our nation cannot afford more time or second chances for experimentations, with politics or implementations of a proper system.

-The knowledge about everything for the literate is available via various mediums including the inter net and the television, the Pakistani nation in terms of progress and infrastructure has been left behind from the rest of the world due to ignorance of the corrupt and the mafia, legal or illegal.

-The judiciary should implement its decisions immediately, for the nation will support any one making a positive change and bringing justice.

-The corrupt should be punished to set an example and shown on media.

-The mafias should be eliminated and banned.

-The practicing officer/chief officer of any department should deliver results within three months and if is not able to deliver results, is a failure for the selecting authorities as well. Hence the whole selecting authority should be brought to court, questioned and punished.

-We need to be specific about questioning the authorities, for they would love to buy time and beat around the bush. Do not get confused in new issues for the new issues are only brought to bring more complexity to the current situation.

-Consider the big picture. i.e. solutions not questions.

-No matter how promising the future might seem to be, time is running out, we as a nation cannot afford more time or second chances.

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