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Men of Liberty

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Men of Liberty - A short story

Chapter 1: 'Beautiful morning'.

A hand picked a pair of cheap pink sandals out of a closet.
A car door shuts and the car starts surfing on a road running through a beautiful landscape, crossing valleys, long curved roads along the mountains.The brand new stylish car is shining in the early morning suns.
Jim starts having a word with Smith, the men at the back of this chauffeur ridden car.
He is a very tall and broad man, clean shaved, his long hair tied in a ponytail, cruel and reserved, on the other hand, Smith is the opposite, fat, plump and sluggish on a very short frame of body.

Don't you see, it is not enough, the more you get, the more you get bored.

Rather absolute, more of a catastrophe happening Jim.

But Smith we are involved, whatever we state through court, i am still a lyophilic in lien. I was wondering, if i could just remain to another dimensions capitulate, start hallucinating or get paralyzed.
Don't you see, we are not in control, we are not even aware of it. Possibilities is an end, ever end. Just be usual, don't act empty and we will be over with it. I am in control, it is taking it all, so untrue, so very untrue.

I wonder how it is in the remaining expectations, i tend a terrible urge for our mother land, remember Lomino, our pet, our very last pet. Escape without permission is history, remember Fraulein. We are changing our heavenly systems and its not even painful anymore, its worrying me.

Chapter 2: 'Not still'

The car stops, the door opens and pink sandals appear out of it, another pair of pink joins the first, on the long way to the biggest business plazas' main entrance. A black pair of sandals greets them half way to this long empty path.

Good morning sires.


Pink sandals enter the main hall way. They are walking at a medium pace now. A purple pair reaches near quickly.

I am Lucy , i have an appointment with you, i am from the Sivoere galaxy.


Pink sandals carry their walk, a gaudy pair. A red pair comes near efficiently.

Sir, the new delivery is ready, the previous one had a profit of 1.539 and we are sure this one is raised to 1.573, what are your suggestions?

Send it.

Pink pairs walk again and are greeted by a yellow pair on top of a stair case.

Yellows: (In an old male voice)
Well well! Jim and Smith. What a usual surprise. I was surely expecting you, a little pale you look but that doesn't worry me.You are the pairs, the best of the pairsos remaining, ha ha ha, the fact of us working here for more than 9000 deca fracs simply makes me happy, deca after frac.

We are glad here, working, as well.

Enjoy your work as usual and be happy.

The pinks carry on with their walk and stop before a chairman's' door.

Chapter 3: 'Chairy men'

Jim and Smith enter their office. Jim takes off his coat and lies down on a big sofa, closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. Smith starts smoking his pipe.

Ah, i am tired of this game, enforcing foolish law, on some left. Here, only here can i take these sandals, these pretty ones out of my feet. My feet are swollen and i can barely walk, damn us!

Jim takes off his right sandal and starts rubbing his foot. He touches the diamond ring on his index foot finger as it starts glowing mysteriously.

Smith! I see an escape sign, don't speak, its my lucky diamond again, rely on it.

Jim straightens his leg while lying on the sofa and starts gazing at its brightening light, in his raised right foot. He can see from his deep green eyes, the formation of a very vivid illusion. Somebody is gazing through. Another man smiled mystically from the other side as the imagination crossed all borders.

Chapter 4: 'Off course'

Its a catwalk, for a sandal collection and Jim is one of them. Johnny 'the smiling', leads the catwalk.
It is happy before another revelation.

The back stage refreshment room is crowded, laughter, giggles and shouts. Jim gulps down his water as a news on television discussing the hygiene of swimming sandals grabs his attention.

Chapter 5: 'Frame of time'

In the world of planets, it was more of a culture and tradition. 'The pink sandal' was the only 'monument of origin' for these living creatures. Visible from the alien window, was the shoe, placed at the center of the 'pink city', forgotten by some one in a different frame of time.

The End.
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