Friday, August 27, 2010


Saffron crocus sativus modern world production
Saffron crocus sativus modern world production (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Standards, what are and which ones? If one, for what?
When the 'Whats' are only 'Wants', then standards turn absurd, changing and demanding more.

To reach beyond the skies, thinks the modern age, after so far reaching only our solar systems' end.

This is our modern age, as old, as barbaric and unreal as it has ever been.

The theories which the modern scientists keep compiling are similar to what the philosophers and astronomers used to do and are totally ignorant for providing immediate solutions, effects and results for discarding polluted waters, air and garbage.

The modern dump this globe has turned into.

How about discarding polluted garbage dump to Jupiter, where it can be disposed, where live cannot exist because of carbon density, considering it to be our solar dustbin. Garbage disposal planet!

Or how about filters on factory chimneys?

Is the 'Modern World' not powerful enough to do so??

Our scientist should stop gazing through their telescopes and break the delusion of science.

A garbage dumping mission to Jupiter will be a wise idea, rather than the scientists ending and turning our planet Earth into one.

Hello 'Modern World', how long can any one live in these conditions or where are the elites going to go??

The escape will be too late, the clocks are ticking!
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